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This year my goal for 2011, is to.....well, I did all my goals last year.  I'll ride safe and alone ( Not in groups unless its an event) Just have fun with my bike!

January -  0 miles
February - 833.2 miles                                       
March -  211.9 miles
April - 523.9 miles
May - 1402.2 miles
June - 1404.0 miles
July - 1530.8 miles
August - 1701.8 miles
September - 1303.5 miles
October -  1215.1 miles
November - 831.6 miles
December - 0 miles
Total to date - 10913.8  miles
Club miles - 186 rides - 8450 miles

Ride: 11-25-11- 64.7 miles - #106 Avon Inn Brunch Ride 31miles
After this year's long cycling season in every weather condition: high winds, heat, rain and cold, and other ups and downs, I am ready to try something different for next year, providing my leg which underwent surgery two years ago holds up to the rigors of running.  I plan to start off at the gym running at a very slow pace and hopefully by next spring my running ability will improve. I’ve always been pretty good at bike time trials before my accident. In other words, I would like to attempt some Run-Bike-Run events.  Furthermore, I'd like to see if I can also get my golf game back in gear! I closed this 2011 year out with 8450 club miles.  I don’t think my yearly total cycling miles of 10,913 will change that much when I start training at the gym. I am looking forward to some new changes in my future training!

Ride: 11-21-11- 64.7 miles - Barnes & Noble lap around Rochester - 65 miles

Ride: 11-20-11- 30.1 miles - Perinton - Park - Mendon Ride- 30 miles

Ride: 11-19-11- 36.1 miles - Henrietta to Avon - 36 miles

Ride: 11-18-11- 46.6 miles - Apple Blossom Special - 47 miles

Ride: 11-17-11- 30.4 miles - Fat tire night ride - 30 miles

Ride: 11-16-11- 49.9 miles - Powder Mill Park to Canandaigua -49 miles
Ride: 11-15-11- 40.6 miles - Spin Webster Spin - 41miles

Ride: 11-13-11- 35.9 miles - Rode to Hell Bent for Breakfast - 19 miles

Ride: 11-12-11- 61.7 miles - Rode to #115 Olympic Bowl - Oatka Trail 50 miles

Ride: 11-9-11- 85.2 miles - WWW/B&N-Bay Bridge-1- 74miles
I couldn’t have had a better group of riders this morning on the 74 mile Wild, Wild West ride. The weather was great, only a couple red lights, all green the whole day! No stopping and waiting on the ride only a short one at a gas station and down at the lake. “That is where I tried that frozen banana which most of it went in the trash!” From there we moved it right along and talking about the ice cream we were going to get at Abbott’s. We couldn’t believe what was on the front door – “CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!” This is the second time this happen to us! There was no way we were going back without some kind of ice cream!!!!!! We asked this young man passing by if there was a place at RIT; he said yes a Tom & Jerry’s! We found it and enjoyed our reward for cycling a good ride. What made it even a little more of a special day, I went over 8000 club miles. Thanks to Wayne II, Dick, Bob and Don for great ride together!

Ride: 11-8-11- 69.6 miles - #121-Canandaigua - Montezuma-70miles

Ride: 11-7-11- 52.6 miles - Lunch at Lock's - 53 miles

Ride: 11-6-11- 43.6 miles - #189 Perinton Peaks 42 miles

Ride: 11-5-11- 14.6 miles - Spin Around the Bay 15 miles

Ride: 11-4-11- 35.7 miles - Wild, Wild, West - 36miles

Ride: 11-2-11- 50.6 miles - Mendon Bristol- 51 miles

Ride: 11-1-11- 52.7 miles - Bay Roller Coaster & Kelly's Apple Farm- 49 miles

Ride: 10-30-11- 27.7 miles - #15 Webster Wander 28 miles

Ride: 10-28-11- 120.4 miles - Rode to  WWW/B&N#1-Express- 106 miles

Ride: 10-25-11- 67.7 miles - Rode to #232-Brighton - Bloomfield - 51 miles
The weather man was right about the rain coming in after 4:00pm. At the Brighton – Bloomfield Ride, we had sun with a cool west wind. The group behind us turned off from Dick and me in Honeoye Falls to a store. I took a couple photo as we waited for them at the little park down the road. We were getting cold, so I called Bob to let him know we were riding on. We had a nice smooth ride back to the start. Thanks Dick for the company and Bob for the ride. Now let’s hope the weather man is right about Friday!

Ride: 10-23-11- 68.7 miles -  (2) Rode to Hell Bent for Breakfast- 19 miles & #364 Greece Pnds 26 miles = 45 miles

Ride: 10-22-11- 75.4 miles - (2) #185 Fairport - Pumpkin Hook - Walworth 41miles & #155 West Rush - Livonia 30 miles = 71 miles

Ride: 10-18-11- 64.1 miles - Rode to Wild, Wild, West #14 - 53 miles
Today’s ride we had some very high and some very low points! The highs was having both Terry and Dick at the start ready to roll, a little windy heading west but great second half with many fresh paved roads, cycling right along without stopping and talking about the ice cream! The low point can’t get any lower!!!! We pulled into the parking lot ready for our ice cream and there was a sign on the door, “Out of ice cream and closed for the season!” “What a big let down!” We just looked at each other thinking where could we go. With my photo job waiting only hours away, it was best to cry back to the cars and wait for hot soup on the next ride!

Ride: 10-17-11- 44.2 miles - Last of the fall colors ride - 44 miles

Ride: 10-13-11- 77.7 miles - Rode to Irondequoit to Pultneyville -  61 miles

Ride: 10-11-11- 72.7 miles - Rode to #Wild, Wild, West #13- 64miles

Ride: 10-10-11- 79.6 miles - #134 Keuka Lake Day- 80miles

Ride: 10-9-11- 51.9 miles - #234 Conquest to Victory 50miles

Ride: 10-8-11- 68.8 miles - (2) #101 Canandaigua - Vine Valley 38miles & #271 Penfield - Webster Ride 31miles = 69miles

Ride: 10-7-11- 93.3 miles - #381 Letchworth - Arcade- 93 miles

Ride: 10-6-11- 84.3 miles - Lugia's Ice Cream- 84 miles

Ride: 10-5-11- 33.7 miles - Mendon Park Ride - 30 miles

Ride: 10-4-11- 40.4 miles - #105-East Victor - Cheshire-40 miles
From the ride leader Bob - Pheonix Mills Plaza it was drizzling so Brad and I went into Sweet Times Bakery to wait a little while.  Mark and the two Waynes showed up and we waited a little longer and about 10:15 we headed out on the ride and low and behold, never a drop of rain during the ride.  The roads were wet but other than that it was a nice day to ride with the temps holding in the mid 50s. Just shows that you just never know.

Ride: 10-2-11- 75.8 miles - #136 Chili - Avon Todd's Turns 72miles
The weather today’s at Chili - Avon Todd's Turns was just like yesterdays Keuka Lake Day ride.  The ride leader Dave was in his warm car with his hot cup of coffee.  He was looking forward to this ride but decided not to.  I never rode this ride before but happy I did!  
Not because the rain stopped at 1:30pm or the sun came out.  This would be a good ride to post for an ice cream day ride. I would start the ride at Lugia’s parking lot maybe with two start times.

Ride: 10-1-11- 68.7 miles - #134 Keuka Lake Day 65miles
I was the only one at The RBC Wet, Windy Keuka Lake Ride for an all day of cold and windy rain.  I’ve ridden many rainy days with full rain gear but today being cold was nice because I wouldn’t over heat that much.  Removing a layer at lunch in Hammondsport knowing the hills would really warm things up!  The all day rain never came down that hard and bike rode great with no problems with new Gatorskins and puncture resistant tubes. I ended up with 69miles for the day.

Ride: 9-30-11- 24.5 miles - Photo Scavenger Hunt #1- 25 miles

Ride: 9-28-11- 110.3 miles - Rode toWWW - B&N #1 -  38, 81, 34 or 135 - 102miles
The Wild, Wild, West and Barnes & Noble ice cream ride went off very well this morning.  At the 8:30am start it was gray with wet roads from last night rain.  There wasn’t anyone at the start and knew there should be someone at the B&N 10:00am start because the weather was going to be fine until 3:00pm.  Pulling into the parking lot there was Wayne-2 and Bob.  The sun was out with no rain for most of the ride.  We were talking about who had the best ice cream. They open the window when we pulled in the parking lot.  Boy, it was good! :)  The light rain did start around 2:00pm but it wasn’t any problem for us with the warm weather.  After the ride no one came for the 4:00pm start so I had some hot soup for the ride home.

Ride: 9-25-11- 85.4 miles - #43 Northern Steuben County Scenic Tour 80 miles
The Northern Steuben County Scenic Tour with a starting time at 8:00am with a good hour drive wouldn’t be a fun morning for me!  Working a long 12 hour wedding on Saturday then going to bed with only four hours of sleep.  The first part of the ride was fine to Prattsburg where everyone stopped to refuel.  The down side of the ride was at Campbell Creek Rd.
The bridge was out and had to take a dirt road detour for a couple miles.  Making a turn on a nice road with some good rollers until I hit a nice hill with five big dogs two on my left that were no problem but the three on the other side were ready to come after me.  I had to walk up my first hill this year!  Going down the hill on the other side my water bottle went flying off my bike again! All the fun wasn’t over.  I came to some road work for about four miles then right after six miles of fresh clip seal. Fun, Fun!   After my stop in Howard the rest of the ride was great!!!

Ride: 9-23-11- 37.7 miles - Kreag Rd. Park - Mendon -Victor-37miles
We had a great day other than one flat and as Terry was going down Steele Rd. a deer jumped out in front of him.  He did hit the deer and went of the side of the road into some rocks.
Happy to say Terry is ok with only some rock rash and dirt.

Ride: 9-21-11- 54.8 miles - #172 Mendon - Canandaigua- 54miles

Ride: 9-19-11- 90.0 miles - Rode to Wild, Wild, West #7- 79 miles
After a full weekend of club rides, the avg speed on this ride (16-18) to get back home for a wedding interview.  I really didn’t think anyone would be at my 9am start.  The wind was coming from the south east and was great heading west on the first half.  I did come across a road that was a dead end and made a detour to Holley.  Just about into Albion my cell went off and it was my customer asking to come in a different day.  Now I could back the speed down.  Heading north was still good with the wind.  The town of Childs I took my only break at the gas station on 104 and 98. Heading to Kent, Baker Rd was all dirt and had to ride around to find a better road.  Heading East wasn’t that bad other than a bridge being out with a detour up to 104 until picking up then roads back to the start.  I’ll make the changes on map for next time.

Ride: 9-18-11- 91.3 miles - Hell Bent for Breakfast- 19miles & #253 Van Slyke Farm 69miles = 88 miles
After a long wedding on Saturday, four hours of sleep to get up at 5:30am for the 6:30am ride. Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel at the 9:30am Van Slyke Farm ride. Letchworth State Park was so nice…I had to stop many times for photos!

Ride: 9-16-11-35.1 miles - Casual Fridays (tom) - 35miles

Ride: 9-14-11-103.1 miles - Ride-Eat-Ride B&N #14 - 76miles & #130 Mendon Ponds Loop-23 miles = 99miles
What a great time at the first Barnes & Noble Ride-Eat-Ride that started at 9:00am this morning.  There were five of us for the first ride of 31 miles which we were done around 11:00am.  Everyone had to go after the ride, so it was my good friend Veronica that came for lunch and me.  No one came for part two of the ride so it was I-pod time and went off on my own.  This was the same ride as the morning but backwards.  On the south part of the ride I added some miles to check out some new roads for my next ride.  I was in the area for a visit at Veronica's shop in Avon.  After my break I went to the Wednesday night ride.  At the start most of us rode the 23 miles.  We broke up pretty fast with the main group of four rode together the whole ride until it was time to head back to my car at Barnes & Noble.  

Ride: 9-12-11-52.5 miles - #348 Johnsonburg Century  54 miles

Ride: 9-11-11-125.2 miles - Rode to #336 Three Parks West 33miles & #232 Pttsfrd-Ionia 29miles

Ride: 9-9-11- 78.8 miles - Barnes and Noble @ Park Point -Toms ride 60miles
Tom's first club ride as a ride leader.  As we all know, the weather was great!  I'm happy we rode 60 miles and not 55 miles because I could of been part of the accident on the way home. The driver in the car was ok.  Bad day for the owners of the other two cars!  How would you feel coming out of your apartment and seeing your new car like that!  Wow!  Just to let you know what happen.  A car driving south on Plymouth Ave on the wrong side of the road heading right for the other driver.  He tried to move out of the way.  But the car hit him on the driver side that pushed him right into the parked cars. The nut on the wrong side never stopped!

Ride: 9-8-11- 83.7 miles - Barnes & Noble- AM/PM Ride - 83miles
Yes, the Barnes & Noble two part AM/PM ride went off with no problems!  Yes, it was dark North but South was dry, gray with sun at times and pretty warm too!  Tammy was going to come out for the AM part but couldn't a couple hours before the 9am start.  I knew Tom was coming at the 12:01 PM start.  My cell went off around 10am it was Jane letting me know she was coming. The AM ride was 37miles with a couple extra miles.  The afternoon was a little longer to meet Jane at the park...That is where Tom was taking a nap.  We had a nice time together with a couple stops along the way. PM ride was 46 miles with a total of 83 for the day

Ride: 9-7-11- 20.0 miles - #19 Mndn - Honye Flls 20miles

Ride: 9-6-11- 70.9 miles - Rode to  Irondequoit to Walworth -54miles

Ride: 9-5-11- 53.5 miles - #172 Mendon - Canandaigua - 54miles

Ride: 9-4-11- 40.0 miles (2)  - Hell Bent for Breakfast- 19miles & #358 Erie Cnl, Gnsee Rvr Trls 16 miles = 35miles

Ride: 9-3-11- 79.7 miles - (2) #225 Sweet's & Cream 29 miles & #170 Mendon - Bristol 51miles = 80miles
After the ride on Friday, I went to Jerry’s to pick up some tomato.  Thanks Jerry, they are very good!  Not know what the weather was going to do for Saturday’s rides and coming back from a late movie last night.  A 9am start was the way to go with a good workout trying to get back in time to drive out to the 11am start.  I made it back to my car at 10:22am.  At the park there was a ton of cars parked everywhere with some kind of an event going on.  I saw Marks car and pull off the side of the road.  We had about 15 riders ready to go.  After about 6 miles I decided to pick it up a bit to get back sooner just in case of rain and to get ready for my pool site invite at 5pm.  I was just about out of water pulling in to the only place to get any kind of drinks on a very hot day.  I was surprised to see everyone pulling in about five minutes after me.  I found out most of the group made a smart cut on the ride to get drinks.  After a 30min break I was off once again with the group still resting and looking at their maps.  I did see our ride leader (mark) and our RBC lady in waiting coming into town for their water stop.  Very nice day with 79.7 miles, now its time for some fun swimming and drinks by the pool!  See you at the next ride!

Ride: 9-2-11- 39.6 miles - # 337 Town Hall - Library Greece-41 miles

Ride: 9-1-11- 27.4 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides-28miles

Ride: 8-31-11- 124.6 miles - (2)  B&N #101- 101miles &  #143 Bary's Time Trial 24miles

Ride: 8-30-11- 68.6 miles - (2) Victor - Canandaiqua Ride 34miles & #30 Mendon Ponds - Ionia - Rush - 33miles= 67miles

Ride: 8-29-11- 17.4 miles - #270 Royal Dynasty - Webster 16 miles

Ride: 8-28-11- 53.6 miles - (2) Rode to Hell Bent for Breakfast- 19miles & #190 Penfld 1000 Acre Swmp 18 miles = 37miles
I was planning to ride the Pan Ya ride. But the weather wasn't looking good anywhere East. So my rides for today started at 5:00am and out the door at 5:45am heading to the bike trail with my lights. I made great time with the wind coming out of the North. This was my first ride with them this year and great to see them again. I was helping a rider with his GPS as we all talked at breakfast. Then rode to the 9:00am ride and was surprised to see a nice little group there with the high winds and all! Overall I had no problems with the two rides! I'm Looking forward cycling with the morning group again soon! :)

Ride: 8-27-11- 84.9 miles - Rode to #124 Brighton - Batavia 68miles

Ride: 8-26-11- 42.6 miles - Williamson Watusi- 38miles

Ride: 8-25-11- 31.3 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides-35miles

Ride: 8-24-11- 100.0 miles -(2) Highlander Corkscrew- 74miles & #23 Mendon - Rush 23miles

Ride: 8-23-11- 120.2 miles -(3) Bristol Hills - 62miles & #24 Mendon Ponds - Locust -Lawn- 29miles &  #371 Paul Road to Scottsville 26 miles

Ride: 8-22-11- 115.0 miles - Rode to B&N #95 - 96miles
Tom who is new Rochester and haven't been on many roads in the area and likes long rides. We started at 11:30am and was back at 6:30pm with two short stops in Geneseo and Caledonia.  This was a great ride with many places to stop along the way if needed.  One road out of Geneseo was bad for about six miles.  I'll post this again with a better time.  Ride total was 96miles with my total 115miles because I rode to the start.

Ride: 8-21-11- 56.0 miles -(2) #366 Seneca - Turning Pt Pks 12miles & #296 Six Towns Tour 44 miles
My plan for today was to drive out for the last day at the Renaissance festival.  With the weather calling for rain most of the day.  I wasn’t into dressing up for the festival and get my outfit all wet. Now riding my bike, that’s a whole different story.  I have the bike and gear for the wet weather. I enjoy riding two and three rides a day to see if I can make it in time to the other starts.  The first ride this morning started at 9:00am.  The ride leader said he would be there at 8:40am.
It was only 12 miles and knew I could make the 10am ride start.  I was back at my car at 9:20 without any rain with a good time.  I saw Dennis and Jean walking the park on my way out. Pulling into K-mart parking lot there was only Andy and me.  Now the rain started and looked like it wasn’t going to stop, so I put on my full rain gear.  The rain wasn’t too bad; I looked west about 18 miles into the ride the rain stopped and starting to clear up.  The sun came out and was getting hot, so I rode back to my car and removed the rain gear and went back out for the rest of the ride.  About 8 miles to go, the rain was coming back again!  I rode hard and made it back dry.  Yes, timing is everything on a bike!

Ride: 8-20-11- 120.2 miles - Rode to #260 Wizard of Clay Ride 53 miles

Ride: 8-17-11- 131.6 miles -(2) Rode to #352 Holley - 54 miles and  #30 Mndn-Ionia-Rush 33miles

Ride: 8-16-11- 100.6 miles -(2) B&N #6 - 47miles and Rode to RBC #137
Martin Rd. Park - 32 miles

Ride: 8-14-11- 40.5 miles - #363 Black Creek - Fowlerville 41 miles

Ride: 8-13-11- 68.7 miles - Rush to / around Hemlock & Canadice Lakes- 69 miles

Ride: 8-11-11- 38.3 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides-36miles

Ride: 8-10-11- 78.9 miles - (2)- Parrish Double Tap - 40miles & B&N #6 - 39miles

Ride: 8-7-11- 59.3 miles - #172 Mendon - Canandaigua 58 miles

Ride: 8-5-11- 44.0 miles -Rode with Susan at Webster Park
Rode South then East to Rt 21. That is where we rode by a BIG sign “Peaches!” We turned around for two FREE peaches, plus the farmer took our photo! “What a deal!” We headed north to Pultneyville, Lake Road back to the Park. Susan had to ride a couple laps in the parking lot to hit 44miles.

Ride: 8-4-11- 77.1 miles - Walworth loop-38miles and #230 Show & Go Rides 40miles

Ride: 8-2-11- 128.6 miles - #4 Manitou Beach Ride-28miles,  Wild, Wild, West #4 (invert)-42miles and #58 ChiliCtr-Cldnia 29miles - (total 99miles)

Ride: 7-30-11- 348 miles - Andrew Spiller Memorial Ride and Challenge
There are two 26miles loops and one 12miles night loop that could be used anyway we liked.
I like the south loop because it’s faster!  Started right out on the 4miles of chip seal roads to see how bad they were.  Around ten miles into the ride I broke a spoke, had to remove the brake and realigned the wheel from hitting the frame.  I turned back to fine a way to cut out the chip seal.  I used it all day long!

After cycling the whole ride alone, I was happy to see my friend (Chris) at the start around 4pm. I asked if he was going to ride. He did for three loops…I got my break! Boy, it feels nice not to hammer alone the whole afternoon! Thanks Chris!!!!

This year there was about six riders that rode until 2:30am. Then everything was packed-up and I was alone for the rest of the night. I was feeling pretty good but soon after the deer started to move around more and could see them on the side of the roads everywhere! With some down hills and being alone…Being safe and calling it the night around sunrise was a good idea. I ended with 343 I feel fine for tango tonight!!! :)

Ride: 7-28-11- 39.3 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides-40 miles

Ride: 7-27-11- 82.1 miles - Rush to and around Conesus Lake- 51 miles &  #235 Mendon Macarena 32 miles

Ride: 7-26-11- 73.6 miles - Hemlock Happiness-27miles &  B&N map #12 -47miles

Ride: 7-25-11- 33.3 miles - #107 Penfield - Walworth 28 miles

Ride: 7-22-11- 41.7 miles - #308- Three Parks Tour- 42 miles

Ride: 7-21-11- 33.8 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides -35 miles

Ride: 7-19-11- 68.8 miles - (2) #316-Pultneyville Promenade-39miles and #173-Mendon Ponds Taylor Road- Birthday Ride- 30 miles
Two great rides in one day! Thanks Cindy and everyone that came out for drinks and cake on my my cards! :)  I think my toe is broken from hitting a rock going into the lake to cool off after the first ride...Its all black and blue! :(

Ride: 7-18-11- 28.5 miles - #285 Webster Stoney Lonesome 30miles

Ride: 7-16-11- 67.4 miles - #125 Rush - Stonybrook 72 miles

Ride: 7-14-11- 38.7 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides 40miles

Ride: 7-13-11- 51.5 miles -  Wild, Wild West #2 -  52miles
Until the cows come home....Baby!

Ride: 7-11-11- 40.2 miles - #25 Fairport - Mormon Hill 40miles

Ride: 7-9-11- 114.9 miles - (2) #210-Leroy - Silver Lake 54miles and #211 Silver Springs - Rushford Lake 59 miles

Ride: 7-8-11- 85.6miles - (2) #210-Leroy - Silver Lake 54miles and #94 Penfld-9MilePt 30miles

Ride: 7-7-11- 53.1 miles - Rode to #230 Show & Go Rides 40miles

Ride: 7-6-11- 35.2 miles - #258-Groveland - Tuscarora - Mt Morris-35miles

Ride: 7-5-11- 95.9 miles - (2)Rode to B&N #8 (Ice Cream Ride) 51miles and #369 Paul Road to Mumford 33miles

Ride: 7-3-11- 49.8 miles - #341 Ellison - Marion 50 miles
Happy 4th of July!!! I had on my red, white and blue with big red at this morning ride.  
As always, I try to move it right along not to ride in groups for safety, plus to get back home to work.

Ride: 7-2-11- 100.2 miles - #377 Dansville - Greenwood 99 miles
First off, I like to thank Chris for cycling the whole ride together.  We had a good time up and down the hills all day!  We made only two stops...a little gift shop off Jackson Hill Road to fill both of my water bottles and Hornell to buy our recovery drinks.

There were seven riders at the start, which turned out to four groups.  I think Tom C, and Robby rode together after they dropped back.  Jules and Vince were together....Then Mr. Jan....all alone! "Great ride!"...Thanks Jan!!!

Ride: 7-1-11- 49.2 miles - #255- Palmyra - Dublin- 49miles

Ride: 6-30-11- 62.4 miles - (2) #344- Powder Puff-21miles and Show & Go Rides 40miles

Ride: 6-29-11- 46.5 miles - #149 Mendon - Honeoye 44miles

Ride: 6-28-11- 39.6 miles - #36 Nuclear Ice Cream 40miles

Ride: 6-27-11- 140.0 miles - Rode to #334 The Bogs of Barre 51miles and Wild, Wild, West #9- 55 miles

Ride: 6-26-11- 41.4 miles - #316 Pultneyville Promenade 40miles

Ride: 6-22-11- 39.0 miles - #309 Mndn Pnds - Pwdr Mill 39miles

Ride: 6-21-11- 103.3 miles - Rode to  Wild, Wild, West #4 - 45miles and #335 NHampton - Honest Hill 31 miles

Ride: 6-18-19-11- 389.9 miles - 2011 National 24-Hour Challenge

Ride: 6-13-11- 53.6 miles - (2) Wild, Wild, West #6 and #321 Wbstr - Sherwd Frst - 54miles

Ride: 6-11-11- 61.6 miles - Rode to  #337 Greece to Sandy Creek 41miles

Ride: 6-10-11- 64.4 miles - Rode to  Barnes & Noble Series #3 - 43miles

Ride: 6-8-11- 40.9 miles - #105 East Victor-Cheshire- 41miles

Ride: 6-7-11- 35.3 miles - Rode to #187 Kelly's Apple Frm 27miles

Ride: 6-5-11- 117.4 miles - Rode to #197 Springwater Century 99miles

Ride: 6-3-11- 26.3 miles - #116-Applebees Appetite Accumulator w/ Extension-26miles
Eight riders took advantage of blue skies, light winds and cool temps to ride the 26 hilly miles of Applebees Appetite Accumulator on Friday. We all did the "A La Mode" Extension up Bluhm Road and down Thayer and three of us extended the extension to the high point on Thayer Road. After the ride, five riders satisfied their accumulated appetites at Applebees (of course) and three of us cashed in our extension credits with the one dollar brownie and ice cream desserts. Riders were ride leader Bill C., Wayne P., Jules K., Gordon R., Bob S., Mark R., Mark A., and Dave G.

Ride: 6-2-11- 30.0 miles - #115, Olympic Bowl-30miles
I knew the road so good...I did use my GPS...I hope the miles are right!
Five of us met in Scottsville on a cool and windy Thursday morning to ride part of RBC #115, Olympic Bowl. Wayne P., Jules K., Gordon R., Bob S. and leader Gary M. made up the contingent. Wayne had some business for later in the day, so he rode with us for about 1/4 mile, then turned on the afterburner. Heading out North Ave was slow going into the stiff NW wind, but Oatka Trail was more sheltered. The return along Gulf Road was much faster with the substantial tail wind - almost did not have to pedal to move right along. We had 28+ miles and averaged only 12.9. McGinnis Rd had some chip seal so we went further west. Four of us did lunch at the picturesque Scottsville Diner after the ride.

Ride: 6-1-11- 112.5 miles - Rode from Lockport to Wild, Wild, West #9 40miles and #256 Freight Train 25miles
Ride: 5-31-11- 62.7 miles - Rode out to Lockport- 62.7miles

Ride: 5-30-11- 43.7 miles - #296 Six Towns Tour 44miles

Ride: 5-29-11- 33.7 miles - Rode to #311 Henpeck Hop 24miles
Tandem ride with Bonnie.

Ride: 5-25-11- 114.3 miles - Rode toWild, Wild, West 100 (Test) -103miles

Ride: 5-24-11- 46.7 miles - Rode to #370 Paul Road to Rush 29miles

Ride: 5-23-11- 18.0 miles - #180 Pnfld-Wlwrth Bk Rds 18 miles

Ride: 5-22-11- 56.8 miles - Rode to  #46 NHampton Pk - Brgn Swmp 42miles


Ride: 5-21-11- 74.4 miles - Rode to #308 3 Parks Tour 42 miles

Ride: 5-20-11- 70.6 miles - (2) Wild, Wild, West #12- 33miles & #97 Ogden  28miles


Ride: 5-19-11- 35.0 miles - #230 Show & Go Rides -35miles

Ride: 5-17-11- 18.0 miles - #272 Rohrbach Micro Brew Ride 18miles

Ride: 5-14-11- 94.4 miles - Rode to #67 Canandaigua - Brookwood 65miles

Ride: 5-12-11- 117.4 miles - (2) Rode to Day Ride #149- Mendon - Honeoye 44miles & #230 Show & Go - 40 miles

Ride: 5-11-11- 68.6 miles - Rode to Map # 309 - IN REVERSE 41miles

Ride: 5-10-11- 125.8 miles - Rode from Lockport to the start of Wild, Wild West #11- 38miles, then to the the 6:00pm ride #140 NChili-Chrchvl 18 miles

Ride: 5-09-11- 69.7 miles - Rode to Lockport

Ride: 5-08-11- 41.0 miles - #363 Black Creek - Fowlerville 41miles

Ride: 5-07-11- 101.0 miles - (3) #311 Henpeck Hop 23 miles + #374 Three Towns NW 29 miles + #53 Powder Mills Canandaigua 49 miles

Ride: 5-05-11- 117.2miles - (2) B&N #10- Menden-Honeoye Falls- 54miles &  Show & Go Rides 35miles

Ride: 5-04-11- 5.2 miles - #19 Mndn - Honye Flls 20 miles
The 2nd Mendon Ponds Wednesday ride.  As is becoming too common,
the sky looked like rain.  As I'm driving to the park, I see a few rain drops
on my windshield.  Not to worry, it's light and will probably stop.  
In the parking lot there are 5 of us; Ginn, our fearless leader, Wayne, Jesse,
Cliff W. and me.  The temperature says 48F, but it feels like 28!  
I put on the wind jacket and the glove liners.  We start out of the lot and
before we are out of the park, the light rain is back.  
Everyone starts complaining. As we are rolling down Pittsford-Mendon Center Rd,
our mood changes from slightly discouraged to fully depressed.  
After 2 miles I decide I've had enough; I'm looping around on Pond Rd and
going back to the parking lot. By the time we reach the 1st turn on Smith Rd,
the rest of the group has had enough too, they are taking the short cut too!  
The wind, cold, and rain make the trip back seem to take forever.
 We get back to the lot with a total of 8.4km (5.2mi).  That's not even a warm up!

Ride: 5-02-11- 35.4 miles - #104 Ontar Crk & Harris Hop 33 miles

Ride: 5-01-11- 52.6 miles - #133 Can-Yan Tour 50 miles

Ride: 4-30-11- 46.3 miles - Rode to #62 RIT Scottsville 24 miles
Bonnie after today's tandem ride. She took off all the chain lube with her legs!!!

Ride: 4-28-11- 53.7 miles - Day Ride-B&N #7- 54miles

Ride: 4-23-11- 87.7 miles - Rode to #75APPLE BLOSSOM SPECIAL-62miles

Ride: 4-22-11- 47.3 miles - Day Ride-Wild Wild West #3- 34 miles
A pretty good day for a ride on the west side. We stopped at the same place as last week. The cowboys weren't there this time, but we were lucky to find a replacement!

Ride: 4-15-11- 69.1 miles - Two Day Rides- #24 Mendon Ponds - Locust Lawn VARIATION- 31miles and Map #361 Dryer Road Park, Victor - 37 miles

Ride: 4-14-11- 46.0 miles - Day Ride-Wild Wild West #1- 46miles

Ride: 4-10-11- 58.6 miles - Rode to #137 Henrietta - Avon 37miles

Ride: 4-8-11- 31.6 miles - Day RideWalworth - Newark RBC # 37

Ride: 4-7-11- 83.6 miles - Rode to Day Ride Longridge-Scottsville-Avon-Geneseo
#176- 78miles

Ride: 3-30-11- 84.9 miles - Rode to Day Ride B&N #11 (Lap around Rochester)- 63miles
We had a great 63mile ride this afternoon. The hot soup was a good way to end the ride! Thanks Tom and Bob!

Ride: 3-26-11- 15.0 miles -  #310 Spring Spin Around the Bay

Ride: 3-22-11- 57.4 miles - Rode to Day Ride B&N #13- 35miles
With one rider on a refreshing day!  The sun did come out for an hour. :)

Ride: 3-17-11- 55.0 miles - Day Ride B&N #11a  (Lap around Rochester)
We had a nice ride today starting with four riders. My cell went off about 1/3 into the ride, it was Steve and Brad asking where we were.  Not knowing we were riding it in reverse. We did meet up at the lake for a photo.

Ride: 2-3-11 to 2-17-11-  833.2 miles - After missing last year cycling in Flordia.  It was nice to be back after a long winter here in Rochester this year!