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 When people ask how many, I tell them 21.  But after adding them up below, there are 22 bikes!  Oops!

My "Kid"- ney son!   He was a real pain to deliver!!!

To and from ride start - 56 miles = total

Ride Report: 3- 21- 09  40miles plus to and from ride start - 56 miles = 96miles
Fairport Mormon Hill 29/32/40 -


Rides I did go too:

April 18
1:00p 189 Perinton Peaks 26/42 Small Hills Tami B. 223-0546  - op Call to see if they signed in
OTTO was at this ride....42 for him!

May 6
6:00p #173 Mendon Ponds - Taylor Rd. 13/18/30 Small Hills Mark R.

May 9
10:00a #350 Mount Morris - Nunda - Dansville 52 Very Hilly Jan B

June 7
9:00a #121 Canandaigua - Montezuma 64 Rolling Jules K.

6 - GT Team Edge - Steel
All Dura-Ace 8 speed classic bike, a little big for me but had
to buy because it looks so nice.  Maybe 3000 miles on her.
Looks great and rides like a steel bike!!! This bike is for sale. (click here)